public architecture in cooperation with DELA,nl L 2015


architecture for a building complex in eindhoven


architecture connects outside to inside.

an identity connects a stranger to a family.

a ritual connects an act to a routine.

a pattern connects an individual to a unity.


in psychology the term of a behaviour pattern describes a constant repetition of an individual's behaviour.  this repetition forms someone's character which we also know as his or her identity. rituals are part of this behavior.

by tracking the routes of the DELA's future clients we see 4 different groups which create 4 different behaviour patterns. these patterns are connected to the 4 main facilities such as the paterskerk, the studentchapel, the conference hotel and the restaurant.

each of these facilities get their own identities by a patterned roofing in front of each entrance. the patterns symbolizes the behaviour patterns of the current clients.

it connects in its aesthetic the traditional architecture of the building with the modernity of the city of eindhoven. it offers a transition from the city to the buildings. it connects outside to inside.




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