furniture in arm reach 2016


a collection of furniture in arm reach


norm(al) is inspired by a social housing project in frankfurt am main, germany in the 1920s. carried by aims like affordability, modern aesthetic and humanity the idea of this project was to build a new housing situation for the upcoming working class. one of the tools was working with typification and normed sizes.

normed sizes are based on average human body dimensions, like body height, arm reach and shoulder height among many others. norm(al) is a series of objects in the domestic environment that reflect the overlapping of arm reach with different body dimensions within different situations.

every object is based on standard production techniques, standard material and standard components. each is available in different types as documented in a catalogue.

using the advantages like affordability and efficiency of the old idea of standardization the series norm(al) is translating these values into a new modern aesthetic.

design has to be normal again.


exhibtion during salone del mobile 04.04.-09.04.2017,

 via tortona 31,

22044 milan,


2016 nominated for



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