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at home from time to time more and more documents stack up on the desk. time is too short to sort always everything is not necessary. sometimes it is even more complicated to clear away everything and to get it out again the next day for use.

the problem calls for a simple, insightful idea. It needs an organizational structure that provides for fast order without requiring the user a lot to think about it. A free work space offers the freedom for any creativity as a blank page does.

once wiped and everything is disappeared. this is the principle which will simplify the cleanup at the desktop.

kad appears as a usual desk that offers something more inside. the entire work surface can be divided in the middle. right and left open to reveal two symmetrical containers which offer a storage room. secured to the upper inner edge, there is a tab. this tab provides a loading area for all conceivable kinds of objects that can be located on the desktop.

once or several times loaded, the whole tab disappears in its carrier. as soon as the two containers are a unit again, the whole stuff seems like swept away. the whole action can be reversed to make the user easy access to all objects previously stowed again visible and usable.




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