floor sliding system 2016

Idaho is going to be part of POPCORE, an exhibtion during Dutch Design Week 2016, 22.10. - 30.10.2016 in Eindhoven, NL

IDAHO - a pursuit of search

bench on floor sliding system


idaho started with questioning the meaning of inspiration. as a designer you always seek for the right inspiration instead of just taking what it is in front of you. this project is about the randomness of seeking. by dropping randomly into a space with google earth, Idaho a place in the USA has been the starting point. its landscape is marked by huge crop circles which are the result of the irrigation system used there.

fascinated by this mechanism the shape and pattern research resulted in a floor sliding system. this floor sliding system offers to slide furniture elements on it and indicates movements happening in a space. it consists out of two different tiles which can be arranged in different variations. the arrangement of the tiles becomes a floor plan that not only guides the movement of furniture but also people within this space.



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