stackable outdoor furniture made for ebb&flow keg made from austrian larch is designed with a sturdy structure for dynamic occasions.

the collections embraces 8 stools and 2 benches, all stackable – for easy transport and storage.

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outdoor kitchen for jazz montez in frankfurt, germany

mobile and modular outdoor kitchen with stainless steel worktops made from douglas fir.

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STEM – shop installation

shop design for the sustainable and innovative fashion label Stem in Copenhagen, Denmark
the installation structures are inspired by weaving looms and made from 100% recycled wood.

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Customized dining table made from standard pine wood laths & treated with pigmented wood oil.

If you are interested in you own customized piece, you are welcome to write to

Photos © Nadja Angermann

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OPEN OFFICE. furniture

The open office furniture collection explores the potential of a new era for offices. A shop space was turned into an office where the shop front acts as a transitioning area from outside to inside, between work and leisure.

A counter serving as a meeting spot during office hours and as a bar after work. A sofa table for lifting your feet while having a coffee break, and a wall shelf holding knowledge in form of books, products being sold or just the wine and beer being served during after work hours.

The office space is located in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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LATH TABLE. sofa table

Following the principles of standardised design the lath table is entirely made from one format of wooden timber. The joinery is simplified without using additional glue.
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off plate vienna is a culinary experience taking place during vienna design week. A modular and mobile kitchen made from locally sourced beech wood serves as a ‘carte blanche’ for the chefs and everybody around it. It aims to support the restoring of the relationship between food and us.

The mobile and modular outdoor kitchen made from untreated beech wood. beech wood is food safe, strong and local in Europe.
The entire construction is made without any screws and therefore most suitable to put in back into earth’s life cycle after it has its job done in many years in the future.

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MEDITATION BENCH – SYS for Robert Johnson

SEE YOU SOON is a fund-raising concept conceived by Robert Johnson, realized with the help of collaborators and friends from various domains of design and the fine arts, who have been and still are a part of the club on various levels. Its purpose is to sustain a long period, in which the club must remain closed in order to comply with current SARS-CoV-2 regulations.

Each artist’s multiple comes with a signed and numbered certificate by the artist, and is available on pre-order for two weeks, after which its production commences and a new multiple is to be released for your consideration. Each production run may take up to two weeks. A part of the sales price covers the bare production costs, the remainder will benefit Robert Johnson—feel free to include a donation at the check-out. Give love back – See you soon!
Photo credits: Peter Oliver Wolff

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During a one month residency at Social Service Club, a beautiful farm located one hour outside of Copenhagen in Denmark I designed and built an outdoor kitchen. I experimented with concrete, clay and local limestone, created different mixtures and added iron-oxide for coloring the mixture.

The kitchen layout is created to cook together in gatherings with a central sink, surrounded by work surface and space for portable gas stoves. It is moved away from the wall and plays with the different heights of the given space. It almost gives an altar-like feeling while standing behind the sink and gas stoves. It aims to put the cooking together in the centre and embraces the nature surrounding it by using materials of the area and colors related to the given architecture.

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IKEA’s research and design lab SPACE10 has teamed up with Bakken & Bæck and product designer Tanita Klein to launch an open source Bee Home. Bees are essential for all life on our planet—including one third of all the food we eat —but bees are under increasing threat of extinction due to human impact. That’s why SPACE10 wants to make it easy for anyone, anywhere to design a beautiful home for this vital animal.

Bee Home launches on United Nations International Bee Day, May 20, and the open-source design will be available for free on

Process photos by Niklas Vindelev, Studio photos by Irina Boersma & Exterior Photos by Brendan Austin

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